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The Big Homecoming (TBH) —

A festival that unites the essence of all HBCU Homecomings, creating a vibrant celebration of music, culture and community.

A commitment, a year-round initiative that extends the joy and empowerment of the Homecoming spirit into a continuous 365 Impact for HBCUs.

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The Festival 

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[ The Big Homecoming Music Festival & Celebration ]

TBH Festival 

Our very own Music Festival, a celebration, the beginning of our journey into continuous HBCU impact. The festival is an exciting blend of tailgating, food, art, marching bands and performances by legendary artists. 

These elements cultivate an authentic Homecoming atmosphere, and sets the foundation for our year-round mission to uplift and empower HBCUs.

Fan Festivals 

TBH takes center stage at premier HBCU events like the Orange Blossom Classic in Miami Gardens, the Florida Classic in Orlando and the Celebration Bowl in Atlanta.

Our collaboration with renowned artists and brands help elevate the experience of these events into electrifying celebrations of HBCU culture and unity.

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[ Florida Classic ]

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[ Orange Blossom Classic ]

365 HBCU Impact 

Beyond A Festival 

The 365 HBCU Impact Tour is the heart and soul of TBH, where our vision translates into actionable change. This year-round initiative takes us on a journey through HBCU campuses, bringing a series of impactful events and programs.

From empowering talks with figures like Deion Sanders to collaborations with partners like Walmart and Wells Fargo, each stop is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

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[ The Big Homecoming HBCU Impact Day ]

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[ 365 HBCU Impact Tour : NCA&T ]

365 HBCU Impact Tour 

Our campus visits are more than just events; they are transformative experiences that resonate with the aspirations of students and the community. At institutions like North Carolina A&T, Florida A&M, and Clark Atlanta University, we’ve ignited conversations, fostered connections to career opportunities, and celebrated achievements.

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[ 365 HBCU Impact Tour : CAU ]

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[ 365 HBCU Impact Tour : FAMU ]

Virtual Empowerment 

Our webinars on topics like financial literacy, careers, wellness, and technology are filled with knowledge offering vital skills and insights right into the screens of HBCU students and supporters. These virtual gatherings are paving the way for a more informed and empowered future.

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[ ESPN Band of the Year ]

Celebrating and Supporting the Arts 

TBH takes great pride in celebrating and supporting the incredible talent within HBCU Bands, affirming our commitment to nurturing the arts and preserving the rich musical heritage of HBCUs.

The Big Homecoming is proud to have partnered with …