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The Festival

October is the most celebrated month within the HBCU tradition! It’s the most exciting time to be on campus because it’s Homecoming season; A time to celebrate the legendary history and current successes of the Institution. Unforgettable memories are made at concerts, scholarship events, convocations, food festivals and alumni gatherings all in the name of pride and appreciation for the education and experiences that occur on campus.

Every HBCU boasts about having the best Homecoming season! For students, alumni, and fans of the culture, it is impossible to choose just one. For that reason, we’ve curated a weekend where you won’t have to choose.

The BIG Homecoming will give you a combination of all the best parts of each HBCUs Homecoming, creating one place for HBCU students, alumni and supporters to gather, celebrate, and connect to enjoy the ultimate HBCU energy and soul that can’t be recreated.

We are the first festival that’s impact goes beyond just the days of the festival. We are a 365 FESTIVAL that creates impact throughout the year for HBCUs, the community and our culture.

Festival Success

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The Big Homecoming was created to celebrate culture and create IMPACT for HBCUs. Here’s some of our highlights from 2022 The Big Homecoming Festival:

Media Reach

The BIG Homecoming was able to reach millions in media impressions during year one.

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The Big Homecoming Endorsed
by The White House



Day One · impact day

The Big Homecoming equals IMPACT

The primary objective of this festival is to create impact for HBCUs, the alumni, current students and the communities they serve.


On day one, along with our corporate partners, we will announce the HBCU Trust Fund.


We will host a large recruitment fair for prospective college students with a celebratory atmosphere, celebrity DJ, words for inspiration from prominent HBCU graduates, backpack and scholarship giveaways.


HBCUs are historically known for their convocations during Homecoming, which is essentially a celebratory State of the Union address filled with motivating speeches from public figures, music performances, corporate commitments, award presentations, and more. It's where the BET Awards meets Ted Talks.

Doing Your Thing"

A prestigious annual award given to five difference makers. They are nominated by an esteemed committee of professionals. The awards will be given to high performing students, business leaders, educators, entertainers, and inventors. This award will be given during ONE CONVOCATION along with Company donation annoucements.

Black History Bowl

Current students at HBCUs will compete in a series of team competitions to win scholarships for themselves and their school. The teams will compete in games such as Black Jeopardy, Culture Tags, Family Feud. During this event, announcements will be made of select of Non-Profit organizations that will be supported annually.


Day Two · Festival Celebration

The festival will feature every aspect of your traditional Homecoming entertainment, food, vendors, art, merchandise, etc. The Entertainment lineup for THE BIG HOMECOMING will consist of a diverse lineup of artists from the newest of the new school to the legends and icons of the old school.